1st Impressions delivers all products available for purchase on our website year-round in a timely and professional manner. We provide multiple ways to satisfy your delivery needs.  Call us to help plan your next delivery or place an order with us online.

We are proud to offer fast delivery service but commonly ask for at least 24 hours’ notice to set up a delivery.  We are also flexible when it comes to inclement weather and can work around rainy days or weeks.

Delivery Truck Options

Bulk Deliveries

Single-Axle Dump Trucks

Our single-axle dump trucks are capable of hauling 1-15 yards of mulch or compost, 1-10 yards of soil or tons of aggregates. They weigh roughly 9-10 tons empty and will need vertical clearance of 16 ft. when dumping. These trucks are the perfect solution for small amounts of material delivered to residential neighborhoods.

Six-Axle Dump Trucks

Our six-axle dump trucks are capable of hauling 16-35 yards of mulch or compost, 11-20 yards of soil and tons of aggregates. They weigh roughly 14-15 tons empty and will need vertical clearance of 30 ft. when dumping. These trucks are fully capable of delivering to job sites as well as residential neighborhoods.  To schedule a delivery of materials in a Six-Axle Dump Truck you must call our office.

Bag Deliveries

Please note our bag deliveries are scheduled for the day, the time of the delivery will be determined by how many loads there are for the day and the location. The driver will call with approximately 30 minutes notice prior to arrival of  your delivery. The driver is not able to drop the material in more than two locations unless the 2nd location is within a mile of the 1st location. Bags are delivered on a flatbed truck with a moffett (forklift) on the back to unload the bags on a pallet.

Estimated Order Arrival 

Because we offer delivery service to such a broad area, we must deliver in route and can only offer a.m. (before noon) or p.m. (after noon) delivery options. We are unable to give an exact “time of day” for delivery; however, our driver will call and provide you with approximately 30 minutes notice of delivery arrival. If you cannot be reached our driver will move on to the next delivery in their route; therefore, we ask that you please be available to insure timeliness of your delivery.

Please have the area where you would like material placed free and clear of obstructions and ready for delivery. If you cannot be there to take delivery, please arrange to have a responsible adult, 18 years of age or older, present so that we may rely upon his or her signature as authorized to inspect and accept delivery. If this is not possible, we cannot assume responsibility for exact placement of materials as requested; however, our driver will make the best decision regarding proper and safe placement location with your instructions in mind. 

We quote the best estimate from information that is provided to us by our vendors. If you are notified of a pro-longed delay, and your material is not in transit, you may cancel you’re your order and receive a full refund on the undeliverable material.

Delivery Policy

Any truck making a typical delivery will drop material on the driveway or any paved path or road.  Our trucks are not capable of driving off a paved road on to lawns or into backyards.  Additionally, our trucks will need to have vertical clearance free from trees, power lines, basketball hoops, etc. when dumping the material.  When dropping material beyond the public street curb 1st Impressions will not be responsible for any damage to your driveway or sidewalk due to the weight of the truck, run-off or staining from material dyes. Because the size of the delivery truck, the presence of gutters, overhangs, tree branches, wires, narrow entranceways, wet conditions, etc., are determining factors impacting 1st Impression’s ability to follow through with instructions regarding placement of materials being delivered, 1st Impressions reserves the right to make the final decision regarding proper and safe placement location.  Furthermore, 1st Impressions reserves the right to charge the customer for applicable delivery fees in the event the delivery is refused or canceled due to this decision.