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Open Positions

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This position’s major responsibilities include marketing and merchandising to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Additional responsibilities include management of retail team, customer service, sales, organization and cleanliness of building, stockrooms, and outdoor sales areas.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Marketing
  • Engage in Social Media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to ensure web-based presence to boost customer sales, outreach, and public awareness.
  • Build brand awareness to promote company image and customer loyalty.
  • Collaborate with website developer to ensure website and e-commerce are professional and up to date.
  • Submit ideas for experimental marketing programs to enhance the company’s brand.
  • Collaborate with purchasing and sales to develop and maintain internal and external signage and promotional materials.
  • Maintain phone system to ensure proper call flow while providing a professional, functional and efficient customer experience.
  1. Merchandising
  • Perform store resets and build product displays to stimulate interest and entice customer purchases.
  • Monitor trends in buying and make determination of reasonable pricing and best presentation of products.
  • Ensure overstock is stored to protect goods from deterioration and / or damage for future sale.
  • Work with purchasing to forecast, plan and monitor stock levels.
  1. Customer Service/Sales
    • Complete daily sales reports, balance register and make deposits of daily receipts.
    • Fill customer orders and assist in loading and unloading of customer vehicles and vendor shipments.
    • Answer customer questions and take orders in store and by phone.
    • Keep a positive attitude and set an example for delivery, yard and counter staff.
  1. Showroom, Outdoor Sales & Manufacturing Areas
  • Maintain cleanliness organization of all areas, keeping free of trash and debris.
  • Assist with general maintenance of plant materials including routine watering, weed control, pruning, and identification of pest/fungus/disease problems.
  1. Management
    • Assist in hiring and managing retail staff.
    • Develop weekly staff schedule, track attendance and approve daily timesheets.
    • Coordinate procedural and product-based training.
    • Provide training for Customer Service personnel through introductory period.
    • Track retail staff performance and perform annual reviews.
    • Ensure staff adherence to company guidelines and provide notices of disciplinary action when deemed necessary.
  2. Assist in other duties for the good of co-workers and the business.

Minimum Qualifications

Excellent supervisory and customer service skills.  3 years previous retail management, marketing and merchandising experience.  Demonstrated organization and leadership abilities.  Ability to lift at least 50lbs. on a regular basis.  2-year degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Merchandising or related field of study.  Self-motivated, highly organized and energetic.  Experience with Microsoft Office Suite Skills, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Constant Contact, QuickBooks POS (or other POS Inventory Management Systems).

Reports Directly To:                                                                         Compensation and Benefits

President / CEO                                                                                  Full-time, exempt position, benefits eligible

Landscape Design Sales Associate

Foremost responsibilities are to present a professional image and provide a creative and unique landscape design and/or estimate to potential clients requesting installation and/or construction services. Possess the ability to complete the sales process by working directly with the client while having a thorough knowledge of the entire design and construction process. Have the knowledge to select the appropriate plant material and hardscape material for each individual job. Respond to all client questions and concerns throughout the installation process. To always promote the overall growth of the company through active marketing and sales activities.  As a leader, this position should promote a safe, healthy and positive work environment for all team members.


  1. Design, Sales and Marketing:
  • Follow up on sales leads within 24 hours striving to promote 1st Impressions Landscape & Garden Center as a quick response, customer service oriented business.
  • Meet with clients to determine landscaping needs and desires, explaining the design process from the drawing table to completion of installation and/or construction.
  • Take photographs of site and record necessary measurements and develop site plans and notations, as needed, at the time of initial meeting.
  • Research materials for projects to ensure specifications and standards for quality are met. Solicit quotes from vendors for materials and negotiate costs to increase margins and allow for competitive estimating.
  • Generate client estimates and drawings to be presented to the client with a written description of the work to be completed and a total price. Prepare internal work orders, purchase orders and construction drawings for the production and execution of sold jobs.
  • Monitor projects through completion assuring that implementation of designs meet customer and design expectations as specified on drawings or through the provided estimates. Provide feedback to the Production Manager and Supervisors to see that jobs are completed per specifications.
  • Assist crew leaders in maintaining proper records. Including the time spent, equipment and materials utilized, understanding work orders, purchase orders and change orders.
  • Introduce Maintenance Sales Team to customer in order to provide information regarding additional and/or ongoing services available.
  • Participate in ongoing sales promotions and assist in development of materials.
  • Assist the Senior Sales Manager as further directed.
  1. Customer Service & Quality Control
  • Assist with customer service calls to ensure all calls are addressed within 24 hours, acknowledging and identifying problems. Delegate or personally implement by following the company’s protocol for ‘Call to Action’. Document the problem and inform the Senior Sales Manager of the issue.
  • Maintain open communications with customers in order to strive for excellence in service standards.
  1. Flexibility
  • Assist in management and provision of off-season snow removal services.

Minimum Qualifications

Associates degree in Landscape Design and construction or related field. Sales/customer service experience preferred. Knowledge of horticulture. Minimum of 2 years practical field experience installing landscape projects.  Proficient in Microsoft Office and LMN. Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. Valid driver’s license and exemplary driving record required. Self motivated individual with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.

Part Time Retail Associate

1st Impressions Landscape & Garden Center is looking for energetic and driven individuals who want to join our growth and success as we strive to be the Premier Landscape Company and Garden Center in Central Ohio.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in maintaining a clean, customer-friendly sales floor.
  • Develop solutions for customers by listening to their needs, as well as recommending appropriate products.
  • Utilize 1st Impressions’ POS system to complete customer transactions.
  • Maintain accurate receipt and money records.
  • Capability to interpret customer needs and recommend best-suited products.


  • 1 yr. customer service-related experience preferred
  • 1 yr. educational field of study (FFA, agriculture, horticulture, landscape) or relative work experience required
  • Ability to work well on a team and self-sufficiently when required
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Landscape and Garden Product Knowledge and Application
  • Willingness to learn about new landscape products and services
  • Interest in the landscape & horticultural fields of study preferred
  • Must be able to lift and move 50lbs+ and stand for extended periods
  • Experience operating light to heavy equipment (bobcat, front-loader, etc.) a plus!


  • Flexible Hours
  • Uniforms Provided
  • Continued Education Opportunities
  • Holidays off
  • No night shifts

1st Impressions is an equal opportunity employer, providing service to much of Northern Columbus and Sunbury.  We are dedicated to customer service, safety, and quality.  We are looking for key individuals who are willing to adapt our strategies and progress the company towards continued, future growth.

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