Yes, all items online are also available in store.

At this time, in-store items cannot be purchased and added with your online orders.

Due to the nature of our logistics, ordering bagged product and bulk are not able to be on one order. We would have to process two separate orders for delivery.

We do not recommend doing this unless you do not mind your products to be mixed. 

Any orders that are placed online or in store will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. If you would like to have it delivered the next day, please call the store before 11am. 


We do not store credit card information, however your credit card can be registered on your account for future purchases

Once an order has been placed, you have until the end of the same business day to cancel your order. If you miss that window, the order will be processed and delivered as stated on your invoice.

Your credit card will be processed and charged at the time of purchase. All orders must be paid in full before delivery. If the order is not paid in full, we will not deliver the items on the order until fully paid. 

If you are tax exempt, we would need proper documentation on file to process your order. 

All payments are processed through PayPal at this time.